Soul of Chiron

Astrology has no more useful function than this, to discover the inmost nature of a man and to bring it out into his consciousness, that he may fulfil it according to the law of light.” 

                                 ― Aleister Crowley, The Complete Astrological Writings


Astrology has fascinated people for more than 4,000 years with its insights into world events and human nature. This powerful tool can reveal the depths of your personality, including skills, talents, motivations and challenges in any area of life from relationships to money to career, friendship, children, family, and creativity.

A professional astrological consultation provides you with a valuable level of self-awareness that allows you to make the most of the planetary energy present at the time of your birth and the current planetary energy affecting your life day by day.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate:"
-Carl Jung

Using straight-forward understandable terms, I will help you develop greater awareness of the strengths and challenges presented in your own personal birth chart increasing your ability to make positive progress and reach greater success in life.

By revealing your own personal cycles of growth and development you will develop the ability to take advantage of times of growth and expansion.

That is what we do here. We explore and expand awareness.We remove the roadblocks and bring the real you out into the light so you can achieve true happiness and success.

You will learn tools to help you achieve goals and overcome obstacles and challenges to the life you want and deserve.

So What are you waiting for?

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