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Personal Readings

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Chart Reading

A natal chart reading, sometimes called a birth chart reading, takes a look at your astrological chart based on the time, place and date you were born. In this reading we will discuss your personality, the areas of life that work well and those areas of challenge. We will discuss your purpose and the best ways to use your gifts to achieve more success in your day-to-day life. This reading is needed prior to other readings so you have a basic awareness of your personal planetary energies.

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A combined reading, combines a natal chart reading with any of the current planetary readings.

Clients may choose to add a current transit, progression or solar return reading with the initial natal chart reading.

This provides both a basic awareness of the planetary energies and personal cycles of your chart but also give us an opportunity to discuss current trends.

Session times are extended to 2 hours to provide ample time.

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& Solar Returns

Current Transit
A Current transit reading is just that. It tells us what is happening here and now and how you as an individual are likely to respond. By looking at the current and future transits of up to 1 year we can see when are the best times for you to make the most of your own personal talents. It allows us to see an overview of the current situations in your life and how to use your own natural gifts to find resolutions to any challenges you may be facing. 

A progressed chart reading moves your natal chart a head. It tells us where your experience has taken you so far. Revealing the most important times and events in your life. This information allows us to see any motivating factors in your current perspective that may be affecting your ability to make progress successfully.

Solar Return
A solar return reading delves into your year ahead. By looking at the placements of planets at the time the sun returns to the same position at your birth, we can see what the year ahead holds for you. 

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Relationship readings are based on the interaction of the Natal charts of the participating individuals. These charts may include business partners, adult partners or parent child relationships. Natal readings are required of at least one of the individuals prior to this reading. It is preferred that both parties are present for the reading. Readings without both parties present will only allow for one perspective to be discussed.

​Composite Reading
A composite reading combines the charts of two individuals to create a relationship chart. By doings so we are able to gain insight in to the dynamics of the relationship itself. It represents the relationship as a third factor.
Synergy Reading
A synergy readings is helpful for partners who want to know the strengths and challenges based on a comparison of each individual’s chart as they relate to each other.